IMPORTANT: Our courses take place online

Dear students

Due to the current development of the Covid-19 situation, we made the decision to conduct the Glemser Course (BA, Law, Econ) online. By doing so, we can protect your health and, hopefully, provide some clarity regarding the next steps.

What’s next?

Shortly before the start of the course you will receive the link to participate via email. An important part of the course are the course scripts. They are usually distributed on the first day of the course. This semester, the script distribution will be carried out as follows:

Pick up course script in St. Gallen

Date: 10.12.2021 12:00 – 14:00, Parking space next to Waldgutstrasse 15, 9010 St. Gallen

If you can’t pick up your script, send us an email on We will send your script by mail, but keep in mind that there will be extended delivery times due to high volume in December.

Thank you for registering for the course.

We wish you every success in your exam preparation

Benjamin Glemser and the Glemser Learning Team