Welcome to our new Glemser Learning Website

The new semester is comming. For many of you, with studying at the HSG begins a new phase of your life. New friendships, interesting discussions and an enormous amount of knowledge and skills that form the basis for your successful career start.

After the freshers’ week, an intensive learning phase begins for you. In order that you can prepare yourself for the assessment exams, we offer you comprehensive support. For more than 10 years, we have ensured that students have the best chance of passing the assessment year. After our 3-day courses, you will be well prepared for the final exams, which confirms the success rate of 90.2% (HS18/FS19) of our participants. Our folders and learning cards, also available for bachelor’s studies, additionally support you during the semester, so that you understand the entire lecture content down to the last detail and thus complete your exams with top marks.

To make your experience with Glemser Learning easier, we have redesigned our website from scratch based on your feedback. Students who already have an account with us can continue to use their login. We wish you every success for your studies and look forward to supporting you.