Repetitorium for Business Administration, Economics & Maths


Glemser Repetitorium

The Glemser Repetitorium is our bestseller. Every year, we accompany hundreds of students in preparing for the successful completion of the assessment year. The impressive success rate of our participants (95.2% of our participants last year (winter 2021 – spring 2022) proves us right.

The Glemser Repetitorium deals with the centrally tested subjects of the assessment year. The preparatory course is designed in such a way that an immediate application of the presented theory is carried out on the basis of examination tasks. It has been shown in the past that with this structure of the course, the participants achieve above-average examination performance.

Learning scripts

The seminar participants receive learning scripts for all subjects. These are designed in such a way that the theory is presented briefly and precisely and then applied through numerous examination tasks. This avoids the most serious mistake of assessment students, namely to deal with the exam format too late.


The marking of the law is central to a successful legal examination, as there is almost no time to look up individual articles of law, be it in contract law or company law. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive legal marker for you, which contains the exam-relevant articles and references.

Traffic light marking
of the lecture slides

Traffic light marking serves as a guide to make learning as effective as possible. At the beginning of the learning phase, it makes no sense to memorize all slides one after the other, but to prioritize the slides that have historically been most frequently queried in the exams.


Manager Training (1 day) in Spring 2023


Free participation if you purchase our course

We don’t just want you to master the contents of the central exams. It is also important to us that you are prepared best for the time after the HSG. Therefore, all students are allowed to participate in our Manager Training free of charge.

Modules: Time Management, Habits, Application Training, Goal setting and achievement, Career progression, Decision-making, Negotiation Training, Mentoring, Handling difficult situations, Networking.