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The course content will be made available as On Demand Videos.

  • If you pay via credit card, you will get instant access to the course videos
  • Videos will be available for entire learning period



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Language: English

Venue: The course content will be made available as On Demand Videos.

  • If you pay via credit card, you will get instant access to the course videos
  • Videos will be available for entire learning period

IMPORTANT: Course scripts for the assessment course BWL, VWL and Law: The seminar participants usually receive learning scripts in all subjects on the first day of the course. These are designed in such a way that the theory is presented in a concise and precise manner and then applied through numerous examination tasks. Since this semester the course will be conducted online, the script will be delivered to you by post free of charge, also to your address abroad. In order to send you the scripts to the correct address, please check whether the correct delivery address is stored in your account. You can do it in your Account that way: Account –> Addresses –> Edit Shipping Address –> Save address.

Impressive success rate: 90.2% of our participants passed the assessment level last year (Fall 2018 – Spring 2019). This makes us extremely proud (compared to the last published figures from 2015 of 60% of all assessment students and 51% of Swiss students, Tagblatt)

Repetition course in Business Administration, Economics & Law: The Glemser Course covers the centrally tested subjects of the Assessment Year. The preparation course is designed so that an immediate application of the presented theory takes place on the basis of exam questions. It has been shown in the past that the participants achieve above-average results through this structure of the course.

Structured course scripts: The seminar participants receive  scripts in all subjects. These scripts are designed to briefly and accurately present the theory and then apply it through numerous exam questions. This avoids the most serious mistake of assessment students, which is to deal too late with the exam format.

Traffic light marking of the lecture slides: The traffic light marking serves as a guide to make learning as effective as possible. At the beginning of the learning phase, it makes no sense to memorize all the slides one after the other, but to prioritize slides that historically have been most frequently asked in the exams.

Marking of CC and CO: The marking is central to a successful exam in Law A, since there is almost no time to look up articles during the exam. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive marking of the Civil Code and Code of Obligations.

Study plan: At the end of the Glemser course, each participant will receive an study plan. The plan is a realistic study guide for the upcoming learning period. This learning plan has been found by the participants to be extremely helpful in recent years.

E-mail service for questions: As it happens that questions also occur after the course, we will also be happy to answer these questions. The participants will send us their questions via e-mail. The big advantage is that the participants receive answers to their questions and are not stopped by problems at the beginning of the learning period.


Enrollment for free: Manager Training (1 Day) in Spring Semester 2021

We do not just want you to master the content of the central exams. It is also important to us that you are optimally prepared for the time after your studies at the HSG. Therefore, all students are invited to participate in our Manager Training free of charge.

Modules: Time Management, Professional Habits, Job Application Training, Goal setting and achievement, Career progression, Decision-making, Negotiations, Mentoring, Handling difficult situations, Networking

Location: St.Gallen

Date: Spring Semester 2021


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