Mathematics A Course (English Track) 13.12.2022

CHF 80

13.12.2022: 08:30 to 17:00

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Location: Pfalzkeller St. Gallen

Course in Mathematics: The repetition course in Mathematics A covers the entire material of the first semester. at the University of St.Gallen There will be a theoretical repetition combined with a deep focus on exam-related questions. The basis for the course is the learning folder Mathematics A.

This folder is not included in the course fee and must be purchased separately (50 CHF).

E-Mail service for questions: Since it happens that questions also occur after the course, you are encouraged to send us these questions as well. The big advantage of the e-mail service is that you receive answers to your questions meaning you get a kick-start into the learning period and are not stopped by initial questions.

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