Assessment Online Course AS 2023 (English Track)

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Interactive online course with videos and detailed explanations.


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Interactive online course with videos and detailed explanations.

The course will be accessible from 09. December 2023.

Impressive success rate: 96.2% of our participants passed the assessment last year (AS 2022 – SS 2023). This makes us extremely proud (compared to the last published figures from 2015 of 60% of all assessment students and 51% of Swiss students; Tagblatt)

Online course in BA, Economics, Law & Mathematics: The assessment online course covers the central exams of the fall semester.

Structured learning scripts: The participants receive comprehensive learning scripts in the four subjects. These are designed to briefly and concisely present the theory, which is then applied through numerous exam questions. This avoids the most serious mistake made by assessment students, which is focusing too late on exam questions.

Priority Marking of the BA lecture slides: The priority marking serves as an orientation to make learning as effective as possible. At the beginning of the learning phase, it makes no sense to memorize all slides, but to prioritize on the most relevant ones.

Marking CC/CO: The marking of the relevant provisions is central to a successful law exam, as there is almost no time to look up articles in the exam. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive marking for you, which contains the articles and references relevant to the exam.

Study plan: Each participant will receive a study plan for the learning phase (end of December until the exam date). The study plan has been found extremely helpful by participants over the past few years.

WhatsApp for questions: If, despite the detailed explanations and videos, you still have questions, you can always send them to us. Our team will answer you as soon as possible.

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