Frequently Asked Questions



The course script will be distributed on the first day of the course.

In this way, we can ensure that they are up to date for the exams.

For preparation during the semester, we can recommend our folders and learning cards. They are more extensive and offer you a solid preparation during the semester.

We check the e-banking twice a day. If you have not received a confirmation, please send us an e-mail with the bank transfer receipt and the reference number.

This information can be found in the product description in the shop.

Our goal is your optimal preparation for the exams. That’s why we revise the course folder every year based on the current content. Due to the fact that the documents in some subjects are only published from week to week, it is not possible to obtain the folder before the course. All participants will receive the course folder for the first day of the seminar.

No. The math folder must be ordered separately. However, this also means that you can buy the math folder without attending the course.

Our learning cards offer you the following benefits:

    • Coloured print: All Glemser learning cards are printed in color. This also makes diagrams and graphs more vivid and easier to understand.
    • Glemser Analytics: Shows you in which years the question was asked at the exam. For this purpose, our team analyzes all exam questions every semester and updates the learning cards. So you know at a glance where you should focus on learning.
    • Test Your Knowledge: These are questions that go beyond the mere reproduction of learned theory. You use what you have learned with a practical example. This gives you a deeper understanding and you are optimally prepared for different exam questions.
    • Favorites list: Save your important learninfg cards in your personal favorites list in the app and always access them quickly.
    • Glemser Learning App: With our app, you have your learning cards with you anytime, anywhere. You can learn in the way that suits you best.

Of course, we will refund you the money for the spring course. Please contact us by e-mail to:

We are constantly looking for the best students to develop learning materials together with us. For more details on the application process, visit our job page.

Please try to log out of the app and log in again. This will synchronize your orders and unlock the new learning cards.